Marc Newson has long been producing work with huge appeal and a very unique feel, perhaps most well known in these circles for his work with Nike which saw a sneaker produced that almost no one can pronounce the name. Newson includes designing furniture pieces, kitchen and household items, watches, commercial interior design, the Qantas ‘Skybed’ business class seat, a concept car for Ford, and even the lighting scheme for the Sydney Opera House which featured during the 2000 Olympic Games to his impressive resume. His latest move insists of new work being showcased at London’s Gagosian Gallery, which follows the impressive exhibition at of limited edition pieces last January in New York. The three pieces from Marc Newson area to feature in the exhibition which will run until April 19 are the ‘Extruded Table 3’, a seamless marble piece then their is the honeycomb latticework of ‘Low Voronoi Shelf’ and the dark, almost viscous shell of ‘Carbon Fibre Chair’. This work from a designer soon becoming a legend is well worth checking out if in the.

The image above is that of ‘Low Voronoi Shelf’ by Marc Newson

Thanks to Wallpaper for the info.