Mare 139 explains it best himself in his 12oz Prophet blog, but essentially this is a new project by the legendary Graffiti artist alongside good friend Krink, by using his inks, and inspired by the infamous ‘Drip Wars’ of 1978 between Mare 139’s crew CIA and rival Crew TMT. This is the first look.

I started painting late last year after a 20 yr or so hiatus, among the work I have been exploring has been the Drip Wars of 1978 between my crew CIA and rival Crew TMT. We were Style Master crews that at the time would create some of the best wild style whole cars of the era. Being that a rivalry developed we recognized that it wasnt in our best interest to cross out Masterpieces so we kept the battle on the insides of the trains. Kade, Tean, Fed2 and the lot were notorious for flooding the insides with Flow Master ink tags that would literally cover panels, seats and the floors with ink. We, Duro, Dondi, Kel, Aeron, K56 and others would do the same and go over flood tags over flood tags, totally resulting in what you see in my new works. These were the days when you would go to the layup with pints of ink in a variety of colors and with a variety of Markers form Uni’s, Mini’s, Pilots, Mops and Flow Pens.

There is a tendency with the new generation of writers and artists to use the drip method as a design metaphor or an easy way to fill space, with this in mind my response regarding my work is that there is a vital differenced between todays tendencies and writing history. “These works tell stories and are not executed for the sake of technique.” My hope is that they are regarded as a testament to the years 1978-79 when it was an all out Flood War on the insides of the 2’s and 5’s. Each work begins with memories and tags and evolves into the end result.

This new piece of a series was executed in late 07 using Krink ink and the Strap Hanger added in 08 after the viewing of Spray Masters. It was called Shy147 but when I added the Strap Hanger it became – Monday Morning Commute. It reflects that early morning train ride to school after a long weekend of hitting up the insides…..more to come.

– Mare 139

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