I’m fascinated with Paddle8, I went to the launch earlier in the year and have kept a close eye on progress of the online auction house/gallery since. To me one of the most important aspects is what the concept brings in terms of merging the online world, which has till now been predominantly about quick content and communication, with the fine art world – a world which moves at a much slower pace – with a purist look at quality over quantity and speed. Paddle8 has managed to bridge the gap in the same way the likes of Nowness have moved towards doing so. Marina Abramovic is the latest high profile name to take the helms as curator with her show ‘IMMORTAL’ which includes work from the likes of Terence Koh, Jim Lambie, and Abramovic herself.

As a member of Paddle8.com you can browse through the works and make purchases where applicable – if you’re not familiar as yet, now would be a good time to have a look around at this show and previous collections as Paddle8 is only due to grow and develop – and with that become hugely influential as an online portal, in more ways than one.

When it comes to merging the gaps between online and the traditionally high brow worlds of say Art, Film or Fashion, one of the most interesting aspects is that of the reasoning behind creatives and subjects choices to get involved (or not toe get involved). Marina Abramovic discusses this with Dazed, read the interview here.