New York City based women’s wear label Married to the Mob unveils their summer 2009 collection dubbed ‘Lost Summer’. MTTM’s long time friend photographer, David Perez, shot the look book who features their very own MTTM Sarah McSweeny for a woodsy/country club type look. Lost Summer is meant to epitomize that summer every girl has where she is bordering the transition between being a girl and womanhood. The summer where she has her first kiss, and romance, and broken bone, and every inevitable experimentation that makes the metamorphosis so unforgettable. The summer that will never be erased from her memory. Leah McSweeny states ‘I wanted to create a collection that was nostalgic of the summer that totally turned me into a bad girl. First kiss, first joint, first 40 ounce. Might sound silly but it changed my life. Every girl had that summer. If they didn’t then they missed out’. Have a look at sneak peeks here.

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