Mash SF have ventured into Japan with there Premiere which has already impressed in the States, the first stop for the crew of give or take 20 where in Ikebukuro in Tokyo last night to kick things off. Mike Martin and Gabe Morford, along with Benny Gold’s creativity have directed a true masterpiece in my opinion, incorperating a great balance of stunts and tricks with speed and agility, the crew from San Francisco more than justify’s there place in the sub culture as pioneers of track bikes or a term in which they use to describe there attitude "mashing". The mojority of Tokyo’s inhabitance who own a track bike were present to witness two showings of this great film that will now move on to Osaka for more love and if you were there in true colours you would have copped a special tee designed for the premiere, incorperating the Mash logo with Japan’s true colours. Be sure to get the DVD and be truly inspired by the Mash crew and there antics on a track bike like Tokyo was last night… look out Osaka!