Here is the first look at an impressive project between master-piece and P.A.M. with the two working on some great products as part of this “Carpets and Rugs in Sport” collection. All bags are Made in Japan with one story made from 100% cotton Tapestry featuring leather details and the other a Cotton Canvas with a digital all over print and leather detailings. The “Ball Bag” is an original design from P.A.M. design, while the other pieces are P.A.M.’s rendition of existing master-piece shapes. The back pack features a draw cord with adjustable handles to offer three ways design, a shoulder bag, carry bag, backpack all in one.

The master-piece x P.AM. “Carpets and Rugs in Sport” Collection is now available from the Someday web store.

master-piece is another label we focused on in the new issue of THE NEW ORDER, so look out for a copy.