Mastermind are all set to celebrate there 10th anniversary and that can only mean big things are expected from the Japanese brand. Bandai Gundam have come to the party with an extraordinary piece which is based on the Gundam H2YM MS-06J ZAKUII. The simple black colourway has become a trade mark of many popular designes from Mastermind over the years so expecting anything else would be expecting too much, and with the skull and bones splashed accross the chest and shield the detailing is second to none. Weighing in at an impressive 34 kilograms and packaging includes two boxes speaks for itself. Available for pre-order at Bandai Hobby Shop this item will release early next year in March and with a price tag of ¥399,000 JPY or roughly $3,680 USD you are fortunate you have time to save up your yen.

Thanks to Hypebeast for the info.