I got to meet Matt Groening on Saturday night… he is on the left here with one of the Jux’ founders, Greg Escalante. I made a quick trip to LA this past weekend to work a couple of stories out and to meet up with the great Dutchman, Parra, for his show at HVW8. I also stopped by Copro Nason Gallery to see Greg, and Matt was there, too. Matt Groening is definitely a hero of mine, and he has some really good stuff to say about the magazine, so my weekend was spent on a high note.

Parra’s show was great, too. Glad he let me stop by and catch up just as he was working out the final preparations for his solo show, “Is That a Gun Dear Friend?” at Heavyweight.




This last image was my favorite piece Parra did at his show. Perfectly Californian. Thanks to Tyler from HVW8 and Parra for taking time to hang out. Come to SF Parra!