For me that was a special day today.
I became the more men than yesterday.
I just turned 25 years old :)

First of all, I got hair cut yesterday for preparing  todays special event.

When the clock passed 12:00pm, my some friends brought me Japanese Kyabacula(The place for hunging out with some beautiful chicks. There are a lot of places in Japan, but in here some are in Torrance). 

However, we could not get in, because of some trouble happened…

So, we went to HUSTLER Casino!

That was a 1st time I was playing Black Jack in my Life in Casino, and it was soooo much Fun. I got lost, though :)

Every time I was betting was $25 coin since I became 25 years old !!!!


Then, I just came back from UNDFTD X CONVERSE PARTY!


undftd-converse-party-23 undftd-converse-party-14

undftd-converse-party-03 undftd-converse-party-01

undftd-converse-party-02 undftd-converse-party-04

undftd-converse-party-05 undftd-converse-party-06


undftd-converse-party-11 undftd-converse-party-24 undftd-converse-party-13

my new hair style…

undftd-converse-party-08 undftd-converse-party-17

undftd-converse-party-16 undftd-converse-party-20

undftd-converse-party-21 undftd-converse-party-09

undftd-converse-party-12 undftd-converse-party-10

undftd-converse-party-18 undftd-converse-party-22


I got drunk…


After this event, my friends invited me another party @Royal/T


I’ve never been this place,but it was cool place.

When I heard about this place at 1st time, I imagined that Japanese style Maid cafés.

Like this…


But, Royal/T was more American style :)

You should come visit, if you have a time!


That was a Nice Birthday!!!


Thanks a billion for celebrating me:

Adam, Christian, Eddie, Ben, Shuy, Kazuhiro, You-Tarin, Moe, Kazumasa, Yuka, Nori, Ryu, Kai, Thoru, Ja¥, Chris, KB, Mellisa, Adriana, Michelle, Shiori, Sophie, Chie, Erika, Jef, Chuck, Leo, Roger, Smita, Nana, John, Randy, Geoff, Megan, JP, Virginia, Alex, Mat, Levi, Yoshie, Taiyo, ShoFacebook friends, all of my friends and my family!!