Maybe is Obama, maybe is the economy… my American friends start loving being American again and looking at things that are making them proud. I’ve been asked to write something about American Items that I like. It’s kind of ironic for a Chinese person to write about American product as most of these are made in China…

Some American items that are important in my life…

Appliance: APPLE – I have 6 different models of ipod, Apple invaded my life when they released their imac G3 in 1998. Over the last 10 years Apple has enabled me, disabled me, multiplied me, lost me, tortured me at times but never forget to seduce me and tell me that it loves me.

Drinks: Coca Cola – I was the first Coke addict in my primary school in the 80s, I loved it so much that I’d bring one to school every day to accompany my school lunch. I thought Coca Cola’s red tin went perfectly with my “Shao Xian Dui” red scarf… so it’s not only a brown colour adult drink but also an accessory (back then we were not allowed to wear any accessories in school, and we all had the same haircuts!).  The red scarf was the symbol of the Communist party, of the people’s country… it was the only bright colour in school… everything else was white and khaki green etc. One time I remember getting told off in the school principle’s office, telling me stop bringing Coke to school and to stop using imported stationary such as mechanical pencils. At the age of 6 I didn’t know Coca Cola was an imported good and that it was considered a symbol of capitalism. I put up a big fight with the teachers and my parents.

2 years later I was in my school sprinting team which was sponsored by Milo (a chocolate malt drink by ” Nestle”), we drink Milo, wear green uniforms and white socks (the colours of Milo). I guess the anti- capitalization feeling had kind of moved on by then… but I still prefer Coco Cola Red…sigh.

Stussy – Inspired me to get into Streetwear and youth culture. I was never a skateboarder or graffiti artist, but my fascination with street culture and graphics began with a Stussy tee. An affordable price with bold statement, they were also a brand that grew from the streets to become a multinational company. I customized tees to fit or add on some bits… so my Stussy is really ME.
Nike – I was a sprinter and I like bright colours… air max 90 in the best colour ways…  “Just do it” is an amazing campaign, it simply sums up the life I want to have, it’s now or never.

Food: Aunt Jemima : I always find the presentation of pancakes appealing… but I’m lactose intolerant, so I make my own pancakes… they are mini and uniform and stacked up just the right way…  people in like to put on maple syrup but I only want Aunt Jemima. There is something hearty and nostalgic about Aunt Jemima, brown bottle and red cap with her (is she real?) picture. I don’t know if I should say this, it’s probably considered racist in America, but I really like Aunt Jemima’s white teeth and red lips… she’s happy like the smily face on my tooth paste ” Darlie ” , by a Taiwan-based company Hawley & Hazel:
Anyway, food to me is a lot about presentation… and uncompromising taste.

Teenage Dream: Victoria’s Secret – I lost my virginity in it.

Television: Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm  – accompany me when my party pimple “Genevieve” comes back to me…

Movie: Before Sunset – gives me hope in my love life.