French menswear-focused media and e-commerce group MenInvest has acquired London-based online retailer Oki-ni for an undisclosed amount. Speaking to Business of Fashion, MenInvest founder Marc Ménasé stated, “This acquisition… is a key piece of our growth strategy to reach €100 million in revenue by 2016. This operation also fits into our international expansion strategy. In fact, since the beginning of the MenInvest story, we always had a global project — global from a team and customer standpoint. Oki-ni taking part of MenInvest gives us a good booster to roll out our plan. On top of that, Oki-ni brings a different way to treat the designer segment, which is something important for our growth.” Ménasé,  plans to position Oki-ni at the top end of MenInvests spectrum of holdings and compliments MenInvest’s expanding portfolio as a store that has a large UK following. We’ll certainly be following these developments and wish Oki-ni all the best.