Bothanspynet is one of the longest serving bloggers on Slam x Hype, and also someone with alot of knowledge to share, we have a full scale interview with him shortly but for now, check out his answers and remember to check his blog daily for all sorts of fun, from sneakers to football to the best source for Futura and Stash news on the net.

1. Hip Hop or Punk? hip hop and punk – nyc late 70’s,early 80’s – that would have been the shit

2. Wall or Canvas? both for me

3. Tight jeans are ….uncomfortable

4. Favourite Store? manifesto

5. Pizza or Burger? burger

6. Fixie or Skateboard?geary and at least 15 of them

7. What song are you most likely to listen to when you’re blogging?shuffle – enjoy the unexpected

8. Worst Trend of 2007? vans love/nike hate – weird everybody loved it a minute ago

9. Best Trend of 2007? finally people not putting up with shit anymore

10. Artist of the year? futura (getting back to what he does best)

11. Favourite Print Mag? sunday times "culture"

12. Most underated Brand or Person in Street Culture? bond international – by a long way

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