Born in the bay area in 1970 and raised in the Lower East Side of Manhattan Mr. Ross has produced records for the likes of Brand Nubians, 3rd Bass, Grand Puba, ODB, Everlast, and Santana whom he earned a Grammy for in 2000. Ross has scored films and national add campaigns besides being one of the architects of the so called golden age of hiphop where he was the A+R person behind Pete Rock and C.l. Smooth, De La Soul, ODB, KMD, Del Tha Funke Homosapien and Busta Rhymes! Currently Mr.Ross writes songs for EMI music, works for the newly revived where he serves as creative director for the company and does consulting work for various corporate entities as well as writing for Mass Appeal magazine. When he isn’t drinking beer or checking out art he can be found banging out beats or digging for records.

1. Hip Hop or Punk? Punk Hop

2. Wall or Canvas? Whatevers clever

3. Tight jeans are ….Tighter than loose ones

4. Favourite Store? DQM/Reed Space….Everyone who flows……discounts are cool as well….Full price mmmm nah……Certain individuals I will leave nameless have ended up on

the shit list for committing the full price crime……..

5. Pizza or Burger? Veggies actually

6. Fixie or Skateboard? I appreciate both

7. What song are you most likely to listen to when you’re blogging? Your mamas on crack rock or Staring at the sun…I love me some TV on the radio

8. Worst Trend of 2007? Fat Gold Ropes…..the new Palestinian scarf

9. Best Trend of 2007? A lot of lines are looking more grown.

10. Artist of the year? Judith Supine,Jose Parla, Takashi Murakami, Anthony Lister….The list is endless actually…..Art makes my world go round

11. Favourite Print Mag? Mass Appeal what else?

12. Most underrated Brand or Person in Street Culture? Brand: 10 Deep brand, Person: Scott Saso ( Creative Director 10Deep) DJ Simon (NY Glob,Free Simon formerly of Anything)

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