Founder of one of the most influential Streetwear brands of all time, Fuct, with the recent revival of the brand, Fuct is set to become an even bigger force over the next few years and in a new era of Street Wear. Brunetti’s art has been used through the history of Street Culture, with numerous brands and more, he is undoubtably one of the most influential people in the history of Street Culture. His blog here at Slam is an inspiring read.

1. Hip Hop or Punk?

Neither exist anymore.

2. Wall or Canvas?

Tear them both down.

3. Tight jeans are ….

Fine, if you are not over the age 30.

4. Favourite Store?

Trader Joes, and Brooks Brothers

5. Pizza or Burger?


6. Fixie or Skateboard?


7. What song are you most likely to listen to when you’re blogging?

I prefer silence while doing anything.

8. Worst Trend of 2007?

Anything to do with The Simpsons.

9. Best Trend of 2007?

It seems like people are reading more.

10. Artist of the year?

I can’t give you an honest answer for this question.

11. Favourite Print Mag?


12. Most underrated Brand or Person in Street Culture?

Most underrated person(s): The Mexicans at the factory that actually print the t-shirts.

Most underrated Brand(s): Adobe programs make streetwear exist.

Read Erik’s blog daily at Slam X Hype.