You may have noticed we’ve had a small delay in our normal regular Features section, we are rebuilding the section bigger and better and will be back soon. While the interviews are on hiatus, we thought it was the perfect time to bring back our popular Mini Interviews, after being emailed so many times, I couldn’t possibly ignore it, so here it is, a light hearted list of topics this time round, stay tuned over the next few weeks as all our Bloggers have their say.

To kick things off, the ‘Blogfather’ himself, Fats, is a hugely popular figure in Streetwear, not only in recent years with his contributions to the blogging world, but for years through his involvement with numerous high profile brands and his photography, which makes him one of my favourite artists today.

1. Hip Hop or Punk?  Yes

2. Wall or Canvas?  Correct

3. Tight jeans are …. Sadly around us all day & look to continue to do so

4. Favourite Store?  Tokyu Hands

5. Pizza or Burger?  Burger

6. Fixie or Skateboard?  Neither

7. What song are you most likely to listen to when you’re blogging?

8. Worst Trend of 2007? Tight Jeans & Cheap Ass Canvas Shoes

9. Best Trend of 2007?  2 months left…still waiting…

10. Artist of the year?  Hmmmm Danny Sangra or Jose Parla

11. Favourite Print Mag?  What’s a print mag…I have forgotten

12. Most underated Brand or Person in Street Culture?  Can I come back to you on this one…there seems to be a few contenders…of fuck it…you decide…

Read Fats blog at Slam X Hype daily.

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