Seven years in the making, the Mizuno Wave Prophecy provides evidence of the brand’s vision to create a shoe that optimizes the amount of compression in the heel; alleviating stiffness in the forefoot; and reducing the shoe’s overall weight. The shoe gives you the “ride of your life” as the technologies are build to work in harmony with your foot.

Their award winning Wave Technology achieves the two things runners want in shoes: Cushion and Stability. The Prophecy accomplishes this without putting two separate and sometimes contradictory materials together. The shoe essentially features two Wave plates, stacked and molded together at different densities to facilitate landing on either the forefoot or midfoot. This is what provides the dynamic ‘ride’ feeling you get when you run in the shoe.

By using Infinity Wave technology instead of foam, Mizuno is able to fine-tune each and every section of the midsole to provide the optimal and most harmonious ride with each step. This removal of most of the foam is definitely innovative and unique to this shoe.

Mizuno studied how the human skin moves to identify the biggest area of stretch (top of your toes). The Dynamotion fit material shrinks and expands in harmony with your foot, into the forefoot. This technology makes the shoe a ‘slipper like’ feel with the mesh fabric.

The SmoothRide Flex technology minimizes energy loss by optimizing flexibility in the forefoot. The Prophecy’s forefoot flexes to a point, but stops around a 15-degree angle and then becomes somewhat rigid, so runners don’t lose any energy when toeing off.

The Wave Prophecy will be available in separate models to suit male and female foot types. Generally speaking, most women have higher “Q Angles” [the alignment of the pelvis, leg and foot] than men, their feet typically hit the ground at a greater angle, which leads to overpronation. Men typically run more neutral, and the men’s Wave Prophecy caters to that.