There is nothing languid, romantic, routine, or sweet about the Fall-Winter 2011 Menswear Collection presented by Lars Stoten.

Mjölk’s exquisite structural leitmotif, and the emphasis of tailoring it typically entails, led Lars to explore ways to add a bare-boned stillness the Autumn/Winter 2011 collection. Hence an emphasis on the juxtaposition of engineered structure with the innately casual. Each look emanates the necessity of function, cultural appropriation, and ritual of

As usual, the visual idea is to break with style trends and take viewers by surprise, maintaining Mjölk’s permanent state of revolution. The resulting combination of these proportion, cut, and textures exudes the overall subtlety of an anti-bourgeois aesthetic. This carefully crafted display of subversive elegance embodies a natural point of confluence in this uniquely innovative collection.