Trying to keep a step ahead and especially in the world of never stopping retail Belgian designer Raf Simons has conveived an idea of a shop ful of mirrors, for the new Jill Sander flagship store in Downtown New York. The space entails a massive 6,300 square feet, the ground floor is a presentation space which can display an entire collection. "This then leads to a mirrored staircase made out of turning mirror panels, and on the second floor you’re introduced to the apparel and accessories in a much more intimate setting."

Raf Simons adds "I wanted to look for an alternative, a kind of passage to shopping, this space will offer the chance to experience the collection, the house and the atmosphere of the brand on a level between a fashion show and shopping itself. The ground floor is a different kind of store window for me, a more private one, a much more personal moment than standing on the street."

Thanks to Dazed Digital for the info.