In a time littered with mass produced goods, the new things that stand out the most are those that are created with care, by people who know their craft. Mr Hare is one of these people and has since 2008 been growing a brand that specialises in high quality footwear. For his Spring -Summer 2011 Collection titled ‘Ain’t no app for that’ he has sourced the finest sustainable leather skins and employed Italian craftsmen to work to construct his fine footwear.

The collection is made up of seventeen styles, perhaps the most interesting being the four bearing the name Onyx, with their cubist inspired shape designed to challenge perceptions. The material’s used for the collection range from Shrunken Goat skin through to Eel and Salmon. It’s this use of material that only further enforces the point that these are no ordinary shoes.

For more information and stockists check Mr. Hare for details.

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  1. Rob Likoff

    Cant wait for these to hit the stores. I will break open the piggy bank for these beauties!