Mr Hare

Quality, Style and Emotion. For years Mr. Hare has sought these qualities in the pursuit of great men’s shoes, only to be cozened by the inducement of comfort features or outlandish fashion attitude. Geographically and historically, Northampton has given us a foundation in quality and style through very restrained British emotion. More recently Milan and Paris have executed style superfluous to requirements while compromising quality and tapping emotions too few men are truly in touch with.

In these times of imminent CHANGE, Mr. Hare will address the Quality, Style and Emotion equation to create men’s shoes with dignity, purpose and elegance. Beautiful shoes born of a black shoe perspective, made from the finest materials, utilizing the skill of craftsmen and the most appropriate constructions, evoking the talk of the evening.

Mr. Hare’s man is sartorially, a swan amongst geese, worldly in the modern way and as rural as urban. Equipped with charm and good humour in spite of the times. Mr. Hare’s man is comfortable in himself and displays attitude not on his sleeve, but in the engagement of the audience he has since departed.

Mr. Hare’s premier collection ‘Purest Form’ was launched and presented in London and Paris throughout January and February 2009 for delivery in the AW09 season. Purest Form is a study of the classic oxford and derby constructions on handsome lasts. The results are expressive sculptures in fine grade skins, entertaining the classic and contemporary details of impeccable male footwear, handmade in Italy by Tuscan craftsmen.

‘Purest Form’ will launch exclusively on




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