MUJI, translated as “no label, good quality” is a label that extends much further than the exterior image, having based their philosophy on making life simple for their consumer. The company has a very broad market, often attracting attention for their alternative thinking and extensive projects which raise the level of productivity from the label. In addition the minimal aesthetic is one that leads many trends and fashions and has done for almost 30 years, and not only in Japan but all over the world.

This piece, the Deck Hand jacket is a prime example of one of many facets. The jacket is a simple construction, and follows a number of more high profile labels from Japan like Visvim, Soph., Old Joe amongst others who have created similar pieces. This option from Muji is a far more affordable one and as you can question the quality of materials used, the quality of construction if always a positive attribute from MUJI and it is still a very valuable alternative.