Japanese retail chain Muji have just recently announced plans to open their first stand-alone US store. Muji SOHO will open it’s doors on November 16. Muji produces unbranded lifestyle goods that emphasise simlicity and environmental sustainability. Think of a cross between IKEA and Uniqlo with the colour turned way down. Creams, browns, olive, khaki, bare wood and frosted plastics are Muji’s palette.

The growing interest in basic and affordable Japanese design labels is something worth tracking. Uniqlo remain a budget brand, yet have made significant inroads into the world of high-fashion since gatecrashing Tokyo’s exclusive Ginza shopping precinct with a store in ‘05. Muji has its eyes on the US after expansion into the UK and continental Europe. And Base Control have just recently opened their second Japanese store in Osaka’s Hep 5 fashion mall. Considering the current backlash against colour saturated, logo-heavy, all-over print streetwear, it will be interesting to see to see just how big these minimalist labels get.

Check Muji’s US site for more info about the new store.