The recent events of the last few days have reminded us just how devastating the effects of Japan’s Earthquakes have been on the nation. We all know that in cases like this anything we can do to help – adds up. Mykita think the same, and have released a special limited edition version of their iconic FRANZ model, originally created in collaboration with Bernhard Willhelm.

FRANZ-for-Japan comes in colourway Hinomaru as in the Japanese flag or the sun disk, a matte white frame with red-mirrored stardust lenses; and is strictly limited to 100 pieces. This special edition is sold exclusively via and comes with a numbered certificate.
Check out the Franz-for-Japan countdown, and get your own pair for the special price of 250,- Euro. MYKITA will donate all proceeds from the sale of these sunglasses, to the Japanese Red Cross earthquake appeal.

As the Japanese saying goes: “頑張れ!日本! (Ganbare! Nippon!), let’s keep on flying the flag and help Japan blossom again.

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