The N. Hoolywood Fall/Winter 2011 Collection is another impressive showcase from talented designer Daisuke Obana. Taking on aboard a “Half Dome” theme, it makes for compelling news and below Obana provides us with a greater insight into the collection.

“One year ago, I came upon an old photo collection at a small flea market in L.A.Within it was an assortment of very deep and expansive black-and-white landscape images.Looking over it, I found out that it was a collection of photos of Yosemite National Park in California, by the artist Ansel Adams. Ansel Adams alsohappens to be one of the first to compile photographic techniques in written form.

I later visited Adams’ beloved Yosemite out of a desire to understand itsappeal and history. I was once again reminded of just how well his collectioncaptured the intensity of the genuine article.I also learned that up until the late 1800s, Half Dome, a frequent subjectof Ansel Adams’ and a symbolic feature of Yosemite, had been describedas “perfectly inaccessible” but is now something of a holy ground for manyclimbers today.

Curious about how they were climbing mountains back in those days, I gathereda variety of different books and photos from the period. Shocked, I discoveredthat the climbers’ outfits were generally the same as the clothes they wouldwear on the street and that the vast majority of them climbed with only asingle piece of rope.

The theme of this season has its origins in this photo collection.It is a close-up look at the classic mountain climbing style between the early1900s, when climbers dressed formally with only a rope, and roughly 1940, whenAnsel Adams began taking photos of Yosemite and announcing his Zone Systemtechnique.”

Daisuke Obana