Amelia Earhart dreamt of soaring the skies ever since she was a young girl. She would eventually soar to fame as the first female aviator to complete a solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean in 1932. This great accomplishment was merely the first of Amelia’s many efforts to improve the role of women in society, as she continued to bring dreams to the people through her publications, lectures, and of course flights.
Crucial parts of her success were the many men who instructed her in flight techniques and provided as much support and possible from the ground. The look of these men who worked alongside her in piloting, maintenance, and business has been incorporated into this season’s designs along with other historical background from the 1920s.
From safety-first pilot fashion to the shirts and scarves that Amelia loved, this season features many aviation elements as symbols of an era that was in love with flying, and also as a way of paying homage to the iconic Amelia and the men who supported her successes over the years.