How much would you pay for a Converse Chuck Taylor? $80? $125 if it’s really special? How about $25,000? Yes, that’s American Dollars. Luxury LA boutique Just One Eye and New York artist Nate Lowman have collaborated to produce 21 pairs of the iconic High Top canvas sneaker featuring Lowman’s original artwork, which will retail for the mind-melting price tag mentioned above. The shoes’ uppers were cut from Lowman’s canvases (depicting a copy of Willem de Kooning’s 1954 Marilyn Monroe portrait) before being attached to a 1970s Chuck Taylor All Star sole and then lined with calf leather for an extra luxe touch. Each pair features a stamp of Just One Eye’s logo, Lowman’s signature, and Converse All Star Chuck Taylor branding. If you’re a fan of Lowman’s art – and let’s face it, you’d have to be a TREMENDOUS fan to pay that price tag – perhaps these sneakers are for you.

The Chucks are available online now.