Death of a President was a contoversial film released last year that documented the fictitious assasination of George W. Bush on October 19th 2007. The film comes out in Japan on October 6th, and Neighborhood will mark the release with a tee and badge set. The tee comes across a bit like some kind of morbid souvenir of the fictitious event.  The white tee goes on sale at Neighborhood outlets on the 6th, while the black version is a web store exclusive which is out on October 11.

The film won accolades at the Toronto Film Festival,  but critical reviews since have been mixed. I haven’t seen the film so I can’t possibly have an informed opinion on it. Reading some of the comments on YouTube at the film’s official trailer  page, what I will say is that the essence of freeedom lies in the right of others to express ideas that you yourself might object to. The movie sounds more like an exploratory work of fiction- a "what if" scenario rather than a partisan invective or an ideaological call to arms. Movies often depict tragic, horrible events in the name of entertainment. Sometimes these involve real historical figures placed in an alternate history. Often, it’s a telling of a possible future that’s grounded in our knowledge of the present. Is this clearly fictitious account of a political assasination any different?

News via Neighborhood.