The Hideout’s website have announced the first part of ther 10th anniversary celebrations, a series of garments in colabration with Neighborhood, a brand who stands well for what The Hideout, or formerly Hit and Run is about. The 3 items shown below, will be released in the London store on the 22nd March and online on the 25th.

"10 years ago, Hit and Run opened on Upper James Street in London. A first of its kind outside of Japan, the store evolved through the years to become The Hideout you know today.

To commemorate our 10th anniversary, The Hideout has teamed up with one of our long-time partners, Neighborhood, to release a set of products consisting of a jacket and two t-shirts.

This project is inspired by the Rockers subculture of the UK in the ’60s who were known for their devotion to their motorcycles and rock and roll music. Their fashion style was one born out of necessity and practicality – tough, heavily-decorated leather gear were worn with casual elements like denim and cotton t-shirts."