Nevermind is MY new brand… simple as that really! and this is not a Press Release or any sort of journalism but my personal views and intro to the brand. I’ve been asked for years when I would do something like this, and I guess the time had to be right and the way in which I did it had to be right also. So this is the way we have approached it. The concept is something different and hopefully something that will bring something new to the market. Basically I have called in some of the best artists inparticular Fergadelic to contribute art work and graphics, I’m a huge fan of Fergadelic’s and so feel privelidged to be working with him, he’s designed the amazing logo and the first two tee’s. Fergadelic will continue to play a big role in the brand working together with me in developing graphics to suit the garments and onward. The reason I waited so long to do something like this was that I wanted the right people involved, moving forward you can also look forward to Nevermind designs by Eric Elms, who again, I have huge admiration for his work, both Eric and Fergadelic in my opinion are not just some of the best artists on the planet, but their work suits apparel design better than almost anyone.

The concept of the brand is to release products in a quickstrike fashion, by this, I mean products are conceptualised, designed and released all within a very short period of time, the benefits of this lie in the fact that the concept and design is fresh and new at the point in which it reaches retail, it also means we can never produce too many of a product given the turn around time is too short, meaning the product is genuinley released in small numbers. It also requires a loyal group of retailers who support the concept, given it doesn’t allow them the ability to plan ahead and place orders, so therefore, again, ensures the brand is available in the right places and in limited places.

While the first release features tee shirts, this is not the primary focus of the brand, infact as far as product focus, it has no focus, again a benefit of the quickstrike concept, if a tee shirt is what we feel suits the artwork or our feel at the time, thats what we release, if it is another garment or even product then thats what we release, so stay tuned for a wide array of products. The quick nature of development doesn’t for one minute mean that things aren’t done properly, over the past few years I have developed and worked on sampling products ready for this moment, every item has had alot of thought and produced with the best materials and construction. Im a huge believer in quality within the marketplace and would only buy the best products myself and so would only release the best quality possible.

I chose to write this more personal statement rather than release the info on Slam X Hype in its normal way as I wanted our loyal readers to be aware of the thought processes behind the brand and will continue to update through the site in this fashion on my blog, as this is not a Slam X Hype project but my personal project.


If you have any queries about the brand, please feel free to email me.

Stockists – of which all should make their stock available within the next week, many of which have online stores, buy from your local store or check online stores for availability.



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* I may have eluded to stockists so will edit shortly.