Last night, without warning, Beyoncé dropped an album. The Internet lost it’s collective mind (obviously) and won’t stop gushing about it. The self-titled offering contains 17 tracks, each with it’s own music video, which is impressive in that she shot 17 music videos, but also that she got everyone involved in said videos to keep their mouths shut. I guess if Queen B says “keep your mouth shut”, you keep your mouth shut. The one we’re most interested in is titled “Mine”, (featuring Drake), because it’s stunning. Even if it’s also a little creepy.

This video covers a lot of ground. There’s Beyoncé’s commanding presence in front of a simple black backdrop, but there’s also people making out with shirts over their faces, a beach dance sequence that reminds us of the Jackie Treehorn party scene from The Big Lebowski, and even a girl fully covered in some kind of grey clay/paint solution who looks a little bit like Tyler The Creator.

We’re not mad at the song, either. Drake’s influence is evident in the track’s style, it almost sounds like it could’ve been a bonus track from Nothing Was The Same. You can pick up the track or the whole album from iTunes.

Well done B. Well done.



 New Beyonce Video For “Mine” Feat. Drake Is A Little Creepy