New Era has launched its European NE|SESSIONS project, which sees artists, designers and industry figures invited to design a one-off piece of headwear. Here at Slam X Hype we’ve asked a few of the designers to explain the concept behind the caps they’ve created.

This is an artist showcase rather than a commercial project, with each designer creating a unique 59Fifty for exhibition in the UK, France and Germany. The exhibiition is currently on show at the European Flagship store in Brewer Street, London, and the French and German pieces will be exhibited in New Era’s next flagship stores due to open in the respective countries in early Spring 2008.

The designs by Karen Jane, Jack Peñate and Tim & Barry have been made into 12 limited edition pieces to be sold at the London flagship store, with 100% profits going to a charity of the designer’s choice.

The list of designers reads like a who’s who of the fashion, music and art worlds: customiser Nash Money, designer Mark Ward, tattoo artist Charlie Shazer, C-Law (Crooked Tongues), Karen Jane (Not Bad For a Girl), Remi Kabaka (Lazarides Gallery), Jean-Charles de Casetelbajac, skateboarder Danny Wainwright, Mel Beatz, photographer Armen, Nadege (Colette), and Pedro Winter (Ed Banger). The second phase of designs came from musician Jack Peñate, street magician Dynamo, grime photographers Tim&Barry, Bruno Collin (WAD Magazine), French DJs Little Mike and Crazy B and German actor Max Von Thun.

Feature by Will


Alex Nash aka Nash Money:

"Basically the hat is based on this whole paisley shenanigans that is going on. For the last couple of years we have seen street wear embrace the bandanna paisley pattern, from The Hundreds to Stussy, MHI and a few other street labels. I wanted to express myself using paisley, but from a different angle. I love the ye olde English style as it has many dapper colours and textured fabric. And being that I’m English I would represent the English style of paisley. It wasn’t enough that i was going to bring a ye olde style pattern and fabric to the newly found street wear love for the New Era 59Fifty. So i had to give it a bit of a twist with the Aqua/Taupe detailing of my Tattoo logo."

Nash in action at last weeks’ exhibition launch:


Mark Ward:

"My cap design is based on old style parka jackets. Everyone had one at school as a kid in the UK. I love the style of these jackets, so I combined that with the cold season approaching, and my love of snowboarding. Covered in navy blue nylon, it features quilted safety orange lining of the parka jackets, faux fur dog ears like a snorkel, brass eyelets and the extra detail is the goggle strap at the back, also reminiscent of the parka hood buckle. Nothing is more annoying than losing your cap half way down a slope! I topped it off with a winter twist on my logo, also in safety orange for a pop against the dark navy."


Charlie Shazer:

"To be honest, not tons of contemplation involved in the hat… incorporated  tattoo related stuff, cos im a tattooist… kept it mad simple, black on black for stealthness. trusty durable ripstop… cant go wrong, dont need 15 colors and mega tech shit… went a bit fancy on the inside, snazzed it up a bit… touch of camo… and japanese waves for good measure… stuff i (kids) love (ink) basically. now please send me my hat.   shazer."



"I always loved the Raiders’ logo and everyone loves the people from the dunes so thought it would be pretty cool to mix and mash and out came the New Era. I was pretty pleased with the idea and the design came out pretty well, just remember to wear them in single file to conceal numbers."


Karen Jane:

"The idea behind the cap was that it was the fruit of my labour – an end result of working crazy hard this year. An indulgence like Strawberries and Cream in the Summer."







Jack Peñate:

Remi Kabaka: