King Stampede are back with a fresh fall range. Got to say I admire what King Stampede do. They’re more than just another label throwing pop culture pies in your face. It’s like they’re tuning into pop culture’s silent, subconscious reverb.

Any brand with an eye for the laterally indefinable is worth noting. Especially today, when it feels like the commercial imperative for art and design to be ‘cool’- i.e. to be immediately accepted- seems stronger than ever. Seems like everyone wants a faster payback for their creative investments. Whether it’s music, digital animation or vector art, things all seem safer and more polished, made to be instantly intelligible and gratifying. Where are the sharp corners? Where’s the fascination that is found in obscurity, from diving into the "glorious incoherence" that Umberto Eco noted when writing about cult cinema?

Of course there will always be artists and commercial brands that are pushing hard against the limits of taste and their own imaginations. And of course the commercial world embraces the intangible from time to time. But it usually takes tirelessly repetitious application by the artist for the unusually intangible to break through and be recognized. Guess it adds up to the old fashioned notion of lifelong dedication to your craft, a dedication that probably makes less accounting sense in a world where art and design are becoming increasingly automated processes.

So appreciate the brands that don’t take the easy way out and profit by regurgitating the obvious just because "it works". King Stampede have from the beginning gone about on their own hazy way. Check some of their latest pieces below. All are a custom body for a better fit. Available at Boundless NY.