NYC rapper J-Live has been making noise in the hip-hop scene since ‘Braggin’ Rights’ in ’95, and not once has he sacrificed quality for anything. While this has probably affected his ability to rise from the underground, we have to give him props for never selling out in a world where seemingly everybody is selling out.

His latest work comes in the form of an Oddisee-produced banger with an old-school atmospheric vibe, complete with the eloquence we expect from J-Live lyrics. It’s called “Money Matters”, and it’s about how… well, money matters. He touches on how we all share the same basic needs, and stresses that new money be invested before it’s wasted on the things that don’t fall into the “need” category. He explores cash flow as a necessity for survival, and displays incredible presence while doing so.

Check the track out above and be on the lookout in 2014 for Around The Sun, J-Live’s latest album since he dropped S.P.T.A (Said Person of That Ability) in 2011.


J-Live Reminds Us That “Money Matters” With New Single