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Celebrating the birth of a new project and joint venture, Amir Gharavi of Anastasia and Brett Westfall of Unholy Matrimony, will be presenting “Case Study Unholy Matrimony”. A new conceptual space aimed at destroying any and all boundaries that limit creationism within conceptual art, design and lifestyle. Aside from presenting monthly exhibitions and events , the space will house all collections and works by Unholy Matrimony and Brett Westfall. As well as present collections and works by Undercover, Kris Van Asche, Sigi, Maison Martin Margiela, Peachoo & Krejberg, Darcy Miro, Hussein Chalayan, Sonia Boyajian, Junya Watanabe, Manish Arora and other greats.

The celebration of the space will open with the continued exhibition of “Voice Of Nature” the traveling collaborative art installation by Brett Westfall, and Joel Knoernschild of men’s conceptual design label KZO. Which will also include a live musical performance by “Barnacle”.

Saturday January 30th
138-140 La Brea
Los Angeles Ca 9