Oh England, how I miss you. But thanks to artist Andrew Bunney and Daryl Saunders and their new series of British Remains t-shirts… mmm, not so much.

The new series continues along the label’s motto of paying tribute to symbols of Britain and its subculture.

An image of the  famous London Prison, Wormwood Scrubs is combined with the “Wish You Were Here” phrase makes for a cheeky walking billboard, the famous blue plaques in Europe used for highlighting places of interest are used to pay homage to The Robert Fraser Gallery and the man himself, and LOOT, my favorite of the three reminds me why I love and hate British Museums at the same time… all the artifacts depicted on the shirt have been stolen from their homeland.

Strangely enough, the LOOT shirt bring to mind, Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz…  In a strange land, wanting to get back to Kansas. Like her, I wish I could just click my heels together and instead of myself, send these treasures back to their rightful places…  a strange tangent I know, but after all, “There’s No Place Like Home.”