New Years Eve Party

Have you been invited to a swanky New Years Eve party? Do you have to wear a tux? Well since tuxes can be a nightmarish tangle of uncomfortable, foreign-looking garments, SlamXStyle will help you out.

Here’s a New Years Eve tuxedo, curated perfectly right down to the socks. If you follow these steps perfectly and nail the bowtie like this, who knows, you might even start of your 2014 by having sex with a classy woman.

Good luck. Happy New Year.

AMI Shawl-Collar Wool-Flannel Tuxedo Blazer

New Years Eve Party

Accounts differ as to what celebrity ushered in the era of the off-black tuxedo — some say it was Ryan Gosling, maybe it was these guys, but either way, it’s the way to go and AMI has the perfect blue, shawl-collar version for this NYE.

Get it for $830 on Mr. Porter’s webstore.

Saint Laurent White Bib-Front Cotton Tuxedo Shirt


Because publications like GQ and Esquire are advising their readers to go with the plain-front tuxedo shirt this season, you shall do the opposite and rock this subtle-yet-there bib-front from Saint Laurent and you shall stand out.

It’s the best of shirts and it can can yours for $750 on Mr. Porter’s webstore.

Marwood Lace and Silk Bow Tie

New Years Eve Party

Justin Timberlake brought back the floppy, over-sized bowtie for his The 20/20 Experience/“Suit & Tie” tour-de-entertainment force, but, unless you’re him, you might want to err on the side of not-quite-so-floppy. Marwood has the the happy medium; it’s still flashy, but not in an over-powering way.

Make the purchase for $190 on Mr. Porter’s webstore.

Trianon 18-Karat Gold And Shell Cufflinks


A cuff is noting without the link, so make sure you do them right. Trianon + 18-Karat Gold + Cowrie Shells = doing them right.

Own them for $2,995 on Mr. Porter’s webstore.

Acne Hockney Polka-Dot Cotton-Blend Socks

New Years Eve Party


Match the socks to the tuxedo jacket. Simple. Elegant. Effective.

They’re only $45 on Mr. Porter’s webstore.

John Lobb Odessa Patent-Leather Slippers

New Years Eve Party

Then cap it all off with these shoes: a pair of disgustingly elegant and clean slippers from the 164-year-old UK cobbler John Lobb. You could probably pair anything with these — a two-sizes-too-big pink polo, your grandmother’s wool sweater from 1945, a trash bag — and you’d still get compliments on your fashion situation.

They run for $980 on Mr. Porter’s webstore.


SlamXGarb: The New Years Eve Party