New Years Resolution

January 1st not only marks day one of a new year, but also day one of tackling your new years resolution that you probably won’t follow through on. And unless you actually got creative with yours — like to go skydiving or finally booking that week-long vacation in a nudist colony in South East Asia — you probably went with the age old “I Need Go To The Gym” Resolution.

So, let SlamXStyle deck you out in all the gear you’ll need to get back in shape, in case you actually do follow through.

Here’s the New Years Resolution Outfit:

Nike X Undercover Gyakusou Lunar Spider + 3 Sneakers

430287_mrp_fr_l copy

Any good gym outfit starts with the shoes and Nike X Undercover‘s running collaboration are performance ready with lightweight soles and Flywire foot bindings, but miles away from the clunky trainers that Food Locker slings.

They’ll run you $120 on Mr. Porter’s webstore.

Nike X Undercover Gyakusou Lightweight Hooded Running Jacket


New Years Resolution

Running is the worst, but at least you feel cool doing it with this warm-without-the-bulk piece done by designer and member of the Tokyo running club Gyakusou Jun Takahashi for Nike X Undercover collaboration.

Get one for $190 on Mr. Porter’s webstore.

Acne Limit Cotton T-Shirt

New Years Resolution


This swoop neck tee from Acne is miles away from the kitschy family reunion joint you normally wear to the gym.

Mr. Porter’s webstore has them for $40.

Nike X Undercover Gyakusou Dri-fit Running Shorts

New Years Resolution

Don’t be afraid of the short shorts. Be brave and get these Dri-Fit compression-y shorts again from  Nike X Undercover.

$175 will get you a pair off Mr. Porter’s webstore.

Ice Cold Black Half Calf Reflective Performance Socks

Ice_Cold_Sock_2_1 copy

Reflective socks were all rage in 2013. But this is one bandwagon that’s totally cool to jump on, and Ice Cold has the pair that you need.

The Hypebeast store has them for $30.

Nike X Undercover Gyakusou Knitted Beanie Hat

New Years Resolution


The last piece of the puzzle: a good hat to keep all your body heat in. Again, Nike X Undercover nails it.

The $75 hat can be found on Mr. Porter webstore.


SlamXGarb: The New Years Resolution Outfit