I met Mark and John on BMW design research trip in Shanghai 2 year ago, since then they’ve been a great hosts and friends to me whenever I visit LA. Other than a wild night at the good old Fire Cracker in Chinatown. It’s always inspirational to hear and see what they are working on in their secretive studio. BMW Design Group recently presented Gina at TED talk, the one you see in the press is actually the second generation of Gina. For those who don’t know yet, TED talk is one of my geeky obsessions. Gina represents geometry, function and infinite numbers of adaptation of an automobile. Abandon the traditional metal shell, Gina wears a slick elastic silver fitted suit. It is a humanistic stylish piece of art.

We are a generation that is spoiled by options, going on 2.5 weeks round trip like this gave me a chance to practice how to survive in some of the most fashionable cities in the world with 8 outfits, a pair of killer heels and a pair of Air Max 97, oh yes don’t forget 4 colours of lipsticks, “always remember your day and night lipsticks!” my mother told me when I was 16.