NEXUSVII(R) original exclusive line “MADMAXX”, produced between 2003 to 2006, is finally coming back after long hiatus. The NEXUSVII(R) Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection features a “MADMAXX IS BACK” theme, paying homage to the roots of the brand and truly following the concept on the special editions GORE-TEX(R) items lined with vintage scarf fabric, as well as Vintage Bandana Stole for MADMAXX series. The collection also consists of projects with LEVI’S, INVERALLAN, GEORGE COX, WHITE’S BOOTS, and more in addition to the real clothes with full of Lost Details and particular fabrics. This is the track of NEXUSVII(R)’s continuous vision to the custom made including NITEMUTE with prints over vintage clothes while MADMAXX was taking a break. One and only custom made pieces with the creative passion bless the new season of NEXUSVII(R).