Nick Walker is set to open his largest solo exhibition to date entitled V for Vandalism at the Black Rat Gallery. Having oaved a name for himself on the streets known as Ego Walker is now a world reknown artist who can add work on films sets of movies from Judge Dredd to Hackers, B-Money as well as Stanley Kubrick’s infamous Eyes Wide Shut to his resume. Returning to street art with a more sophisticated title Nick Walker the Apish Angel and establishing himself alongside another certain Bristol-based street artist, Banksy in the middle of the British stencil/graffiti scene.

"In 2006 Nick’s piece The Moona Lisa stole the show at the annual Pictures on Walls Christmas shindig, Santa’s Ghetto. In it, Da Vinci’s classic enigmatic beauty becomes a mischievous flasher mooning the viewer. Then, in February of this year, the combined push of an Independent on Sunday arts cover and the historic Bonham’s Urban Art auction (the first time an auction house had recognised the emerging power of street art with its own dedicated auction) a large canvas of this same Moona Lisa image, with an estimated price of £4 -5,000 went for over £50,000 and launched Nick Walker into the stratosphere."

Since then Nick Walker has a sell out exhibition at the famous Carmichael Gallery in LA and prepared a collection of mass proportions for this upcoming exhibition at the Black Rat Gallery in Shoreditch.

Thanks to Juxtapoz for the heads up.