The Everest Parka is a double classic, notable as one of the most iconic pieces from the Cabourn design boards, but more notable as the jacket that Edmund Hillary wore to scale the Everest summit in 1953. When designing the original everest collection in 2003, Nigel tracked the jacket to a display in New Zealand, it would be the only one in the world.

The jacket is simply a work of art and technical. craftsmanship. The parkas are made in Yorkshire and are hand stuffed with goose down and made from 100% Ventile woven in Britain. The fur trim around the edge of the hood is coyote, and the collar is lined with British sheepskin. Real wooden components are used on the parka as fasteners and a double ended Riri zipper with a long zip pull attached is incorporated to allow the wearer to use the zipper without removing their gloves.

This Navy edition is a special make up exclusively for superdenim with just 6 produced. This colour has never been used before in the Everest Parka.