Marking the 60th anniversary of Sir Edmund Hilary’s ascent of Everest, FW13 sees Nigel Cabourn continue to find inspiration in Britain’s golden age of global exploration and the iconic explorers that defined this era. Paying reference to this era, as well as to his own design archive, Cabourn revisits a number of pieces from past collections this season.

First seen in his original ‘Ascent’ collection, a new take on Cabourn’s Crazy Mallory  jacket is constructed in line with his unique ‘Crazy’ fabric selections contrasting tweed with camouflage and genuine ventile panels. Referencing heritage tailoring, the FW13 collection includes a wide range of classic silhouettes such as the Business Jacket, Wide Lapel Jacket and Short Vest, each constructed from genuine Harris Tweed. A bold new take on the Everest Parka, as well as a new iteration of the iconic Aircraft Jacket  – kitted out with a detachable Harris Tweed Lining –  and the Short Kagoul add bulk to the range. All in all, a very strong collection from the British designer and one which will be a welcome addition to your wardrobe come the  long, cold winter. The FW13 collection is available from End.