Nigel Cabourn has been an influential force in technical/function clothing for an extensive period. The English designer has had trouble in the past with injecting his substance and detailed oriented pieces and collections into the States. With such originality and research put into every piece, it is only seems appropriate that the school of Opening Ceremony would be first of the primary fashion (or retail) institutes to accept Cabourn.


Opening Ceremony captured a limited edition collection that may, otherwise, only be available at Canbourn’s store The Army Gym in Japan. Both of these jackets blended so well in there environment you man have missed them when we covered the opening of The Army Gym.

The Cameraman jacket is wool and waterproof colliding perfectly at the chest  recreating wearable conditions for an Mt. Everest climb. The Canadian mountain coat does the same but unfortunately is insufficient for the Everest climb according to George Mallory’s attempt in 1924 where he was later found frozen. Both jackets will run you a pretty penny – $1,620 & $1,685.

Thnx MS.