Oki-Ni continue their series of Archives, this time looking back through the collections of Nigel Cabourn. The Classical sportswear designer shares some raw insights into his process and we’re given a sneak peak behind the scenes at the shoot itself which will be only Oki-Ni soon. While its over the past few season that Nigel Cabourn has seen some growth in popularity, he’s been doing this longer than all of us!

The Spring/Summer 2010 collection BURMA is inspired by the contents of Nigel’s Father’s army handbook. He used this as a diary during his time in India and Burma between1942 and 1945. The photographs his Father J.E.W. Cabourn took on his box brownie camera and the clothing that he wore form the basis of the collection and is a tribute to him and his companions. Available at Oki-Ni now.

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