This might sound out of place here at SLAMXHYPE, but I was lucky enough to go along to Portland to see the launch of this new product line with Yasmine from ANYONEGIRL the other week, and was truly impressed. One of my favourite collections to come out of Nike, with so much thought and consideration taken to each garment, its sure to be a huge success moving forward. Women’s Action Sports are becoming more and more well known, and some key athletes are starting to appear. Key Athletes like, Monyca Byrne-Wickey, Ellery Hollingsworth and surfer Carissa Moore, each of which played a very large role in the creation of this collection.

I was mainly impressed by the fact that the athletes played such a big role in the design of the collection, each garment came directly from the athletes own lifestyles, not only that but for a collection in its debut season, the range was thorough and mature, and even included a number of brand new footwear designs, most notably, the Balsa Mid, a newly simple cut lifestyle shoe, which had me hoping for a mens cut to come soon.

Check out much more information about the Women’s 6.0 collection, and video’s of the lookbook shot by Helena Christensen and ANYONEGIRL.