A little while ago, we gave you a glimpse of the Nike ACG Pendelton Pack, but now, we would like to give you another look at it as it just recently released. This quickstrike release consists of some amazing product that combines Nike’s All Conditions Gear treatment and Pendelton’s signature wool fabric. A Nike Blazer, a women’s Valenka Boot, a blanket, an extremely impressive backpack and my personal fave, hooded jacket have all been released over the weekend. Check the images after the jump.

<p>Nike ACG Pendelton Jacket</p>

Nike ACG Pendelton Jacket

<p>Nike ACG Pendelton Blazer and Valenka Boot</p>

Nike ACG Pendelton Blazer and Valenka Boot

<p>Nike ACG Pendelton Backpack</p>

Nike ACG Pendelton Backpack

Thanks to BLENDS in Costa Mesa for the images. The pack is currently available there and is one of only three retailers in that region to receive it.