Nike hosted a summit this past week in the cities of Cleveland and Akron, Ohio to unveil the highly anticipated LeBron Air Max VII. I couldn’t believe that almost seven years had already past since the launch of the LeBron I, and I must admit that it is a cool thing being around for all of them. I was too young for the first three Air Jordan releases, so seeing the LeBrons grow as part of Nike’s stable of signature shoes from day one has been an interesting and memorable journey.


The LeBron VII takes on a really sensational look combining flash, function, and maximum comfort into one great all around shoe. It makes use of some of Nike’s latest technologies and innovations to make this one of the most complete basketball shoes they’ve ever produced. A serious blend of performance and style elements make up this unique creation from Nike designer Jason Petrie who takes some welcomed features such as a 360 air bed that is found at the sole, patent leather placement reminiscent of the Air Jordan XI, and some architecturally sound Flywire, which is strategically placed around the sides for good measure.


We got to give the shoes a test run on LeBron’s old high school court, but I had to take it easy due to a nagging back injury, so, I didn’t really get to experience the performance aspect to the fullest. But, I figured why not try the style portion of the wear test by donning some denim and hitting the streets of Cleveland to gauge reactions. As expected, people could not help but marvel at the overall appearance and with the upper covered by my jeans, they gave off sort of an Air Max runner vibe. The nice colorway and black patent leather helped a bit, too, and the level of comfort was second to none.


It has been a good while since I have put on a pair of basketball shoes outside of Air Jordans, but, I must say that the Air Max LeBron VII has re-sparked an interest that I thought had fleeted away for me long ago. The shoes will be coming out towards the end of October, which gives you ample time to decide whether or not to obtain these.