A year of strong Air Max releases (actually, a year of strong Nike releases, period) culminates in the Nike Air Max Limited Edition Collection. Made up of two styles – the Air Max 1 and Air Max+ 2013 – both sneakers are given reflective silver uppers for a clean, futuristic overall feel. Look out for the LE collection to hit select retailers in the next couple of days.

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    It is encouraging to see the use of natural indigo dye which is environmentally friendly as opposed to the very toxic synthetic version of the dye.
    Disappointing that the video did not show or explain how many times the garments have to be immersed in the indigo dye and then dried, to achieve the final colour.
    Natural indigo dye does not adhere very well to cotton fibre as is demonstrated by the very light colour shown after the first dip into the dye, so that is why it must be dipped many times. The more dips, the darker the colour.
    The colour you see in the video is more green than blue, which then oxidises to blue when exposed to the air.