Basketball fuses football as Nike remixes 2 of the world’s most iconic sports in its latest Nike Dunk series. Innovation and inspiration, the basis of the Nike brand.


The Nike Dunk, Be True to a legend * 1985 saw the pioneering launch of a basketball shoe that could—and would—become part of the college basketball uniform, created not only to help the players dunk on opponents, but also to flash authentic, audacious pride for their schools. What started as an “every color, every school” agenda was soon remixed to “anybody, everybody” as culture and sport crossed genres with an intensity never before witnessed and a new age of self-expression was born. Representing this movement was the Nike Dunk, a basketball hi-top that became an icon of boldness, both on the court and off. It’s a shoe that began as a way to fly our team colors and resulted in a way to show our individuality as skateboarders and other fringe cultures adopted the Dunk. Twenty-three years later, what was born on the hardwoods now lives among a global neighborhood. The Dunk is a basketball shoe, a skate shoe, a vintage shoe, a piece of history, and a work of art. But above all, the Dunk is a reminder of what happens when we ‘Be True.’ We make the Dunk what we want it to be. If there ever was a democracy in the form of a shoe, this is it.

*Be True: Nike Dunk takes on Football. * “Past, present and future: those are the ingredients of Nike’s innovation process,” says Nike’s Design Director Jesse Leyva, whose team created the Summer 08 Dunk collection. “We are the best sports brand in the world. Be True, for me and my team, is being true to our heritage of sports.” This seasons’ design direction stands out for its remix of 2 major Nike sports: basketball and football. It’s where two extremes meet on one shoe. But mostly, it’s about Being True to the principles of sports and innovation.


The collection draws inspiration on the European football games taking place this summer as a starting point, and continues with a world tour of football, from Europe to Asia, ending with the ultimate football celebrating country, Brazil.


Flying our team colors and our flags became the inspiration for the unique color combinations in the Summer 08 Nike Dunk pack. True insiders are reminded of the sport in a palette of color combinations that allude to the flags and football kits of teams across the globe.

The world tour of creative inspiration continued with the Eastern Pack, which resulted in colorways that allude to the Asian hotbeds of football fandom. Rounding out the football inspired collection, the Brazil 08 Pack marks the 10th anniversary of the iconic football boot, the Nike Mercurial. A Dunk in Varsity Blue, Maize, and Grey colorway and using the same materials as the Mercurial will be introduced in Summer 08.


From the hardwoods to the football pitch, the Nike Dunk proves once again that it is the ultimate shoe for fans to show their true colors.