Artist Dave White has a very unique and distinctive feel to his work which has really captured the sneaker world in recent years put together a live art installation at Sole What? for the release of the Nike Dunk Be True series in Malaysia. The iconic sneaker which needs no introduction seems perfect for Dave White, whose works have been exhibited alongside those of Damien Hirst and Picasso, is renowned for his iconic sneaker images in his signature Pop Art style.

Raymond Liew, Country Marketing Manager of Nike Malaysia said "Both essentially represent self-expression, individuality and personal style. We chose to collaborate with Dave White not only because he is one of the most outstanding artists of his generation, he also has a rare ability to present everyday things as objects of beauty."


"It’s been exciting to be in Malaysia for this collaboration with Nike. Being a sneaker fan myself, I am enthusiastic about sharing my work with the local Dunk fans. It’s been a great experience," White said.

At the event, White painted live, the last of the seven Vintage Dunk Hi’s he was commissioned to bring onto the canvas, showing just why he has reached iconic status. He then met with fans and members of the public at Sole What? who were also there to check out Nike’s newest Dunk collection. Capturing the essence of Nike Dunk on canvas, White’s inspired artwork of the seven Nike Vintage Dunk Hi’s is now displayed at Sole What?, 2nd Floor, Mid Valley, The Gardens until February 29. Limited edition t-shirts featuring White’s Dunk-inspired art is available for sale exclusively at Sole What? for RM128 each. All proceeds from the t-shirt sales will go to charity.

Compare the preview we posted recently with the final product below.

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